The StudioTax 2014 version is now available for both Windows and Mac OS X computers. StudioTax 2014 is updated with the latest tax rules and credits including the new income splitting credit/Family tax cut(Schedule 1-A).
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The Mac version does not support the Quebec provincial returns.


StudioTax 2014 is the version to prepare and file the 2014 (due by April 30, 2015) federal and provincial income tax returns including Quebec provincial returns.

StudioTax 2013 for Windows is CRA and Revenue Quebec certified for Netfile and printed returns.

StudioTax 2013 for the Mac is CRA certified for Netfile and printed returns. The 2013 Mac version is released in English only.

StudioTax is FREE regardless of income

StudioTax 2012 and prior versions are only available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

As always, StudioTax is FREE for personal use, regardless of level of income and no questions asked:
NO name, phone number, address, email, or credit card number.
NO harassment or sleazy tactics to get you to upgrade or pay for anything.
NO registration.
NO license key.
NO software activation.

StudioTax is very secure way to prepare and file your return. StudioTax is a Windows program (not a Web site) that installs on your computer's local hard drive, saves your returns on your computer's local hard drive, and absolutely NO information, personal or otherwise, leaves your computer.

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We are a small group that manages a complex software. We have big plans for StudioTax and we want to continuously improve it. StudioTax is something special and, unlike other type of software, an income tax software requires an extensive yearly update. StudioTax users community is very large, increasing every year, and requires more support every year. At the exception of marketing and advertisement, we have all the other costs similar to any organization that provides income tax software. We receive no government or private funds. We mostly run on the few donations we get. If StudioTax is useful to you, please take the time to stop by our payment page and help keep StudioTax around free for many years to come.

Is StudioTax right for you?

Every year 100's of thousands of taxpayers use StudioTax to prepare and file their returns!!

StudioTax covers the overwhelming range of personal income tax scenarios from simple tax returns to more involved returns for self-employed, returns with rental income and everything in between.

And you don’t have to guess what version you need or afford. Only one fully functional version with 20 returns is available for all at the affordable cost of $0.00/return!

Q. How about if I need more than 20 returns?
A. The 20 returns limit is a CRA requirement. If you are a tax preparer, then get an unlimited number of returns by using Studiotax Enterprise.

Q. Can I import my 2013 return created by another tax program?
A. Unfortunately you have to do that manually. Only StudioTax 2013 returns can be imported by StudioTax 2014.

For Tax Professionals

If you are a tax preparer, then visit to learn more about StudioTax Enterprise and to download a risk free fully functional trial copy(EFILE and Print functions included).

Please note that the professional version is designed for tax preparers registered with CRA. Please visit the CRA web site to find out how you can register as a tax preparer. If you are not a CRA registered tax preparer, then StudioTax Enterprise version is of no use to you and you should use our free and fully functional NETFILE certified version.

What is StudioTax?

StudioTax is a windows bilingual personal Income Tax preparation software made by Canadians for Canadians. StudioTax is distributed using a free licensing model. No license key or registration is required to download, install and use StudioTax. After you use StudioTax and you find it useful, we ask that you take the time to make a modest monetary contribution toward the support of this product.

StudioTax is made available for individuals who prepare their own tax returns, or returns for a small number of relatives and friends only. Please note that tax professional cannot use NETFILE to file tax returns on behalf of their clients. They must use EFILE certified software.

Note that StudioTax may not handle some uncommon tax situations. Please review the restrictions page for a detailed list of exclusions.