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StudioTax Mobile on YouTube

Youtube Description
Introduction Take a tour of the app
New return Create a new return
File a return File a return and create a PDF for your records
ReFile a return Use a ReFile to adjust/amend a filed return


The StudioTax iOS version uses the same application concepts as the Mac and Windows versions but designed for the mobile environment. The app is form based and has the same components as the desktop versions. If you are familiar with StudioTax, then it is straight forward to work with the iOS version.

The following picture shows the first screen you get when you open or create a new return. It presents the main StudioTax features and how you can access them. The iOS version provide the same navigation and edit functions as the Mac or Windows versions. The access to those functions is enabled using a native iOS user interface/interaction.

StudioTax for iOS Storage

One important aspect of creating a return is saving the recorded information for future access and/or modification. You do not have to complete the return and file it in one session. You can create a return, enter a subset of your info, save the return, close the return and the app. At a later time you can open that return and continue making changes and/or file it.
Use the Save menu to persist the information you entered on the storage of your device. StudioTax for iOS has a special folder on your device where it saves all the files it creates. Those files includes the return files and the PDF file that you can view and print. StudioTax can only saves and accesses files from its storage area.

Import a studioTax 2022 return

You can copy files from and to the StudioTax storage. For example if you have a .22t StudioTax 2022 file, then you can copy that file to the storage area and use it to create your 2023 return.

Backup your returns

Files under the StudioTax storage area can be copied for backup to a different storage location such as your iCloud folder. This is very important if you decide to uninstall StudioTax. Uninstalling StudioTax results in the removal of its storage and the loss of its content.

Follow the steps outlines by the pictures shown below to see how you can access the StudioTax storage folder: