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StudioTax for the Mac is only available in English and does not support Quebec provincial returns. It is only available for the 2013 to 2021 tax years.

New since the 2020 version

Just a reminder that starting with the 2020 version, the StudioTax team has taken the difficult decision to transition from a free to a paid model starting this year. At the same time we tried to keep StudioTax affordable and accessible. Our mission is growing and we are taking on more and more new talented team members who are working hard to offer you, our valued users, the best possible product and support.
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2019 version available for download

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StudioTax is supported on the following Mac OS X versions:

- Monterey (12.0)*            - Mojave (10.14)

- Big Sur (11.0)*            - High Sierra (10.13)

- Catalina (10.15)*         - Sierra (10.12)

* Please note that the 2015 and prior versions are 32bit only applications and only work on pre-Catalina Mac OS X versions. StudioTax 2016 to 2021 versions are 64bit applications that are compatible with all supported Mac OS X versions including Catalina to the latest MAC OS X version.

Getting Started (Installation)

Follow these steps to download and install StudioTax:

Step 1. Download the DMG file using the above link.

Step 2. Try to run the install by double-clicking on the dmg file that you downloaded and saved in step 1. A window containing the installer will open:

Step 3. Double click on the StudioTaxForMac2021.pkg icon.

Step 4. Press Continue to start installing Studiotax:

Step 5. You need to provide your Mac user id and password to continue the install:

Step 6. Press Continue until the installation is complete:

Step 7. Once StudioTax is installed, you can start the program from the Applications folder. Refer to the help menu for an overview and tutorial on how to go about creating and filing your first return:

Step 8. Make sure to check for updates on a regular basis and before you file your return in order to download any updates we make to the software.

You can find more help on how to use StudioTax at the following page: StudioTax for Mac help