Video Tutorials

The following is a list of StudioTax online video tutorials. These tutorials allow you to easily learn as you can rewind, pause, and fast forward through any of the videos. You will be able to download, install and create a new return in no time by following the steps highlighted in these tutorials.

The desktop tutorials were created using the 2014 Windows version but they mostly still apply to the latest Windows version as well as the Mac version.

Youtube Desktop version(Windows and Mac)
Install Download and install StudioTax
New return Create a new return
Linked returns Create a StudioTax spousal linked return
File a return File a return using NETFILE and create a PDF copy for your records
Youtube Mobile version(iPhone, iPad and Android)
Introduction Take a tour of the app
New return Create a new return
File a return File a return and create a PDF for your records
ReFile a return Use a ReFile to adjust/amend a filed return

How To

The following is a list of short screen casts that show to accomplish various tasks.

How To Description
T Slip errors TSlip foreign income and the source country not specified
Medical expenses Open the medical expenses tool
Charitable donations Open the charitable donations tool